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It’s time for a mutually beneficial production value ecosystem.
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It’s about time

Agriculture is as ancient a foundation as it is life-giving. Yet, the agricultural market is moving and changing as we speak. We understand the challenges of producing traceable, safe and affordable food for savvy consumers while protecting the natural resources we depend on.

Advances in agricultural technology are opening up opportunities to increase transparency and traceability in the food production value chain. We need to produce food differently and trade differently. With 32 years of industry knowledge and experience in agricultural trading, neXgro SA offers you an online trading platform to help you grow into a more productive and profitable farming future.

Take control

neXgro SA is a transparent track and traces data Agtech company. Whether you need to track your product, trace it, store it, transport it or take it to the next level, we give you control. Our virtual platform empowers you to charge better prices for grain and other agricultural commodities. You also trade directly with trusted role players in the value ecosystem. Intelligent digital solutions enable you to retain control over your product throughout the entire food production value ecosystem.

Embrace data-driven solutions

With neXgro SA, you’re linked up with innovative data platforms. We’re working to bring the future of farming closer to you through specific, secure and controlled data-driven solutions. We document, measure and verify audit trails for data integrity and value. Through an integrated supply chain, we facilitate the growth of the agricultural industry to everyone’s benefit. We do this by establishing strategic partnerships, improving storage and logistical efficiencies, protecting consumers’ food safety interests and providing impartial agronomic services and advice.